Dance Promoters' Association Rules & Constitution

Rules of the Association

  1. The Association to be named the Dance Promoters Association.

  2. Aims and Objectives of the association and its regional areas:

    1. To promote the business of dancing especially through competitive events

    2. To represent as a unified body the general interests of the promoter.

    3. To improve the standard and success of events by increased co-operation between promoters and other organisations.

    4. To consider existing grades and the possible development of new ones in competitions and if necessary make suitable recommendations to the appropriate bodies.

    5. To liaise at all times as a representative body with the British Dance Council concerning their rules, particularly those applying to promoters and promotions.

  3. Areas:

    1. Areas may be formed at the discretion of the Management Committee.

    2. Area representives will be elected at  the AGM

    3. Area committees may be formed by the area representative as of when they are deemed necessary to oversee an event.

    4. Any events organised by an area representative are to be agreed with the Management Committee

    5. A Balance sheet for any such event must be submitted to the Association Treasurer not later than the 1st of December each year.

    6. ​All monies generated by the areas must be handed over to the main treasurer

    7. ​All copies of area minutes must be sent to the Association Secretary within twenty eight days of the meeting.

    8. ​All proposals and decisions must be ratified by the Managment Committee

4. Branches 

  1. The Management Committee may form a Branch Committee when deemed necessary to oversee the running of a particular style of dance.
  2. This will include a a Branch Chairperson, Secretary, Finacial person to liase with the association treasurer, and a committee of no more than 6 people
  3. The Branch Chairperson will be appointed in the first year of being formed by the management council, then voted on at each AGM for the following years.The Secretary,Finacial person and committee will be elected in the first branch meeting after the AGM.
  4. Balance sheets for any such events must be submitted  to the association treasurer, not later than the 1st December each year
  5. Any monies generated by the branch must be handed over to the main Treasurer
  6. All copies of branch minutes must be sent to the association secretary within 28 days of the meeting.
  7. All proposals and decisions must be ratified by the Management Committee

​5. Non- Profit Making: It is intended that the Association shall be non profit making.

6.  Membership shall consist of Honorary and Ordinary Members.

7.  Honorary Membership may be offered to to such nominated persons or organisations that have given support to the association or its Members.

8. Ordinary or Honorary membership: Every candidate for Ordinary or Honorary membership shall be proposed and seconded by an existing Member and presented for ratification to the Management Committee. Honorary Members must be additionally ratified by the Annual General Meeting.

9. Membership Criteria: Membership is open to bona fide promotional organisations. Each organisation shall be entitled to one vote but may be represented by two delegates.

10. Annual subscription fees shall be determined by the Management Committee.

11. The affairs of the Association shall be entrusted to the Management Committee.

12. The Management Committee shall comprise of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Area Chairpersons Branch Chairpersons and Committee Members not totalling more than four members. They will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The President of the Association may attend all committee meetings. A PR Officer will be selected each year by the Management Committee at the first meeting after the AGM.

13. The quorum of the Management Committee shall be four.

14. Committee Members who fail to attend 50% of the Committee Meetings without reasonable justification shall not be eligible to stand for re-election in the following year. This includes both Elected Members and area representitives.

15. Election of Officers and Management Committee will take place at the Annual General Meeting using a simple majority of those present and voting. Nominations for the Election of Officers and Committee Members duly proposed and seconded, must be received by the Secretary not less than twenty-eight days prior to the Annual General Meeting. All nominees must have been a member of the Dance Promoters' Association for not less than a consecutive two year period.

  1. Resignation from the committee should be made in writing to the Secretary twenty-eight days prior to the notice of the Annual General Meeting.

16.The powers of the Management Committee shall be to maintain the general management of the Association and its areas within the framework of the rules.

  1. The Committee are empowered to co-opt.

  2. The co-opted Members shall not have the power of vote.

17. The Management Committee shall have the power to review the Membership of any Member who ceases to promote or is the subject of a proven complaint.

18. Annual General Meetings shall normally be held within the month of November.

19. AGM Agenda:

1. Each Annual General Meeting will include: the presentation of the Chairmans Report; receive and approve, if accepted, a Statement of Association of Accounts;

2. The election of Chairman, Vice Chairman,Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee Members to the Management Committee, Area Chairpersons and Branch chairpersons.

3. To consider such Ordinary Business of the Association as shall have been communicated to the Secretary.

20. Propositions: Any proposition for Ordinary Business, including Changes of Rule, to be considered at the Annual General Meeting must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least twenty-eight days prior.

21. AGM Notice: The Secretary shall, at least fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting, send to each Member at the address quoted in Association records a Notice of Meeting stating the date, place and business to be conducted.

​22. The DPA and its members will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, disabllity, sexuality, age, religion or political opinion.

23. Disciplinary Rule: The Management Committee have the power to recommend the expulsion of any Member whose conduct is contrary to the interests of the Association.

24 Subscriptions: Reminders for annual subscription will be sent to all Members by October 1st each year. All subscriptions must be paid by January 1st following. Membership not paid by this date will be deemed lapsed.