Terms and Conditions



1. Competitors should note that they compete at their own risk. Claims for injuries sustained by participants during the competition or any warm-up period will not be accepted. It is expected that the dancers competing are covered by their own insurance scheme.

2. In the event of television coverage, live streaming or production of a DVD recording all competitors agree that the rights to any fees from such recording will rest with Dance Promoters Association (the organisers) and no competitors nor associations shall have any claim against the organisers, television company, video streaming company or DVD producer.

3. The decision of the organisers, Dance Promoters Association, is final in all matters.

4. On entering any DPA organised competition DPA will have the authority to publish any photographs taken by an official DPA photographer.
Competitors must inform the organiser on the day of the event if they do not wish their images to be used by DPA.
The DPA will not be held responsible for any images published taken by non-authorised photographers.


Entry fees:
Please note all fees are due in advance for each event. These fees are non-refundable.

Advance Ticket Sales On-Line:
Advance Tickets Sales for all our events are non-refundable.

Weather Cancellation:
Refunds will only be applicable if the event is cancelled before the scheduled date by the organisers by an official statement.


Refunds will be available if entries and/or tickets are purchased before the day, this caused by cancellation of the event imposed by local authorities or government.

Third-party costs:
The event and organisers will not be held liable for any third-party costs incurred relating to any of the above issues.